The Pride Advertising Enterpreneurship Program

What is the Pride Advertising Enterpreneurship Program?

Starting a business from scratch requires a lot resources and capital. After the completion of our training program selected candidates are given an opportunity to join this very special program where they are given a chance to develop a business with us. Pride Advertising as an organization is committed to providing a host of benefits and opportunities to people who join us and have succeeded in creating many success stories in our business. What we offer to people who seek an aspiring career with us is the world of ‘Pride Advertising Advantage’. Umpteen offerings of Pride Advertising Advantage.

  1. Entrepreneurial opportunity without investment: Encouraging entrepreneurial ability of our people to run their own business.
  2. Financial Independence: Providing financial upperhand with promotions, expansion, targets, earning-model, and incentives.
  3. Investment Opportunity: To develop people into Ownership, we encourage them to invest their hard work and efforts towards building their own business with regular assistance from us.
  4. Client Relationship Management: Manage your clients and represent the top brands as your own.
  5. Pride Advertising Culture: Dedicated to promote a culture of innovation, progression, promotion, team spirit, integrity, commitment, loyalty, teamwork and excellence.
  6. No Hierarchy: You get to be the Owner of your own business and head it.
  7. Leadership Mentoring: Receive hands-on mentoring to enhance your leadership skills, and give your own business the dynamism it deserves.
  8. Infrastructure Support: Providing your business an infrastructure and all the essentials of managing an office; something that not every company provides.
  9. Global systems and Learning: Providing strategic direction to build their business through a lot of systematic training initiatives.
  10. Quality and Operations Support: Caters to all marketing needs, quality support and back office requirements.
  11. Business Expansion Support: Through the many offerings of Pride Advertising Advantage we provide you with an opportunity to expand your business, your people and everyone associated with your company.

Modules in the Pride Advertising Certified Enterpreneurship Program

Leadership Development

  1. Product training & evaluation
  2. Importance of team evaluation, development & growth
  3. Sales coaching & development
  4. On-site practical training
  5. Monitor horizontal & Vertical Growth

Advanced Strategic Thinking

  1. Plan-Lead-Act theory
  2. Perform-Educate-Lead
  3. Personal & Team goal Setting
  4. Strategy Development & Implementation

Project Management

  1. Market Potential Mapping
  2. New Territory & city Management
  3. New Product development
  4. Decision Making

Strategic Brand Management

  1. Brand behavioural Analysis
  2. Brand Performance Metrics
  3. Brand Value Enhancement
  4. Campaign Development

Business Expansion

  1. New leader Promotions
  2. Team expansion
  3. Territorial expansion

Business Networking

  1. Peer to- peer Networking
  2. Best Practices sharing
  3. Team Exposure
  4. Domestic & international travel
  5. Exposure to conferences & workshops

Financial budgeting & Analysis

  1. ROI Analysis
  2. Budgeting & Break-even Analysis
  3. Profitability

Performance Led HR

  1. Advert Writing
  2. Recruitment Analytics
  3. Modes of recruitment
  4. Vendor Management
  5. Recruitment Channel management
  6. Job rotations & enhancement

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